BSOD while installing GTS250 drivers and other issues

For a few months I had been having video issues, mostly with Source Engine games and non-youtube videos. Eventually, it crashed for good and I wasn't able to get past the first screen you see when the computer boots. Before that, I tested all of my parts, and I couldn't find anything wrong so I bought new RAM, new motherboard, and a new HDD. The video card and the CPU are the same.

I tried installing the GTS250 drivers and it BSOD'd. It also happened with the last motherboard before the computer "broke". Technically the RAM I have now was in at the time but before that, it was brand new. I took the card out and am running off the intergrated graphics thing on the motherboard. Haven't had a problem so far but then again, the issues I had before I can't test because this chip can't handle any of the stuff that gave me issues before.

Here are my specs. I'm posting the newegg links because I assume that would be easier for everyone

32-Bit WinXp Professional Service Pack 3

Video card:




The CPU came from an ASUS V3-P5945GC. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz 2.19Ghz
Intel CPU (Prescott,Smithfield,Cedarmill,Conroe)
LGA 775
800/533 MHz FSB (O.C. 1333/ 1066 MHz FSB)
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  1. I have found that if you install the latest graphics drivers with the GTS250 it wil bsod all the time.
    if you go back to driver number 257.21 you wont have any problems at all.
    I had exactly the same problem with an AMD system quad 3.2ghz and I found that reverting to a driver before the change over to drivers that utilized the new fermi chips solved the problem completely. Completely in that I can have my system on for 7 days with not reboot and not one bsod or freeze.
    It seems Nvida have not tested or no longer support old style chips with their latest drivers.
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