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Lately my desktop is giving out beep sound when I on it. Look like the CPU is not working. When it was working a couple of weeks ago, the day and time changed each time I on. Probably the battery need to change or something else need repair?

Please advise.

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  1. It could be the battery dying. How old is it?
  2. probably 6 years. How to fix if it is the battery fault?
  3. just replace the battery. the date and time will constantly need updating if the battery is failing and at 6 years old its more than likely the issue... just pop it out and pop a new 1 in...
    if you dont want to be replacing the battery every 6 months or so, dont buy a pack of 5 for a pound. buy a decent 1 from a reputable motherboard manufacturers recommended partner. these 1s will cost about 5 pounds each but will last another 6 years.(if you handle and replace it properly)

    the beep sound... 1 short .5 second beep is a normal post beep. if you get multiple beeps in a sequence then you have a problem, and that problem can be diagnosed by the combo of beeps long and short. depending on the bios and the sequence of beeps you can basically find out if your memory, motherboard,vga or other parts are failing.
    it really is easy to find out the problem by listening to the pattern as there arnt that many bios manufacturers and they all use different beep sequences to diagnose similar faults.
    so just listen to either long beeps that last a second or more and short beeps last for .5 of a second or less.

    good hunting and good luck...
  4. Thanks so much!
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