No video through hdmi cable to the tv

I have recently installed an HDMI cable between my computer and my flat screen tv, I get audio and whatever wall paper is on my desktop, but I am not able to watch any movies/videos. When I play a movie, I get the sound from the movie through my tv, but no video, anyone have an idea why this is? am I missing something?

Thank you for any and all help.
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  1. go into the TV's control panel and select the HDMI port that your computer is plugged into. ie: my tv runs in HDMI -1- and my computer runs through HDMI -4-
  2. @Outbrdtec

    It sounds like your system is still connected to another monitor as well as the TV. If I'm remembering correctly, Windows will only display video on the primary display (I'm guessing this would be your monitor). Try swapping displays from within your video card's control panel.

    -Wolf sends
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