Temperatures CPUID monitor and asus

Can anyone explain me this please?

the temps on each core, that CPUTIN temp so high and if you can see anything that's anormal please tell me

PC was idle

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  1. your core temps and temps in AI Suite look fine. (great even)

    try updating your bios but all looks fine.
  2. "CPUTIN is CPU Temperature Input.

    Core temperatures are always higher than CPU temperature, which means the tables for your CPU temperature are miscoded in BIOS. You can try flashing your BIOS to the latest release, which will sometimes correct the inaccuracy. "

    High CPUTIN readings are quite common and mostly fixed with a bios update
  3. CPUTIN shows the core temperature of your CPU while AI Suite shows your overall CPU temps.You can also update bios to see if their is any inaccuracy with the bios..
  4. I updated to the latest bios like a week ago, so it's anything wrong with my cpu temps ? :/ My bios show less temps than cpuid monitor temps sensors, how can this software show more than the bios ?

    also the cputin is like static, but today is 60ºC
  5. I'm having similar issues between the AI Suite II - system monitor "Sensor" and the CPUID Monitor program results (p8z68v pro/gen3; bios 3202).

    I'm experiencing the following temps in the CPUID hdw Monitor ("Value", "Min", "Max" in C):
    CPUTIN 60; 60; 122 (gulp)
    AUXTIN 36; 35; 122
    TMPIN3 27; 25; 127

    Core #0 37; 34; 48
    Core #1 33; 30; 45
    Core #2 35; 32; 48
    Core #3 38; 36; 50
    Package 38; 36; 51

    Meanwhile, the AI SuiteII shows Sensor temps of 29C for CPU and 33C for MotherBoard.

    Again, Bios is current and, fwiw, the CPU (an i5-2500k oc'd to ~4.3GHz) is cooled with a Hyper 212 Evo.

    Other than the anomalous temps shown in the first series of monitor readings, no other system issues have been noted or experienced. Matter of fact, this system has been trouble free since the original POST. knock wood, thank you computer gods.

    Any ideas? weird and conflicting monitor results.
  6. CPUTIN on Asus boards is NOT the actual CPU temp! It's the VRM temp. This really should be posted somewhere prominently, so people can stop freaking out.

    Screenshot of how it looks on my P8Z68-V LE. Notice that there's no way that's the actual CPU temp.

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