Help me choose: ASUS Sabertooth Z77 vs ASUS P8C WS

I need a motherboard that can survive at least 4 years. Only used for productivity (office, internet, a lot of programming, photo editing with Photoshop CS6, HD video playback, music listening). No gaming.

Will be used at least 12 hours every day for 4 years non-stop (I will study computer science in college). I do not want to be bothered to replace any PC components during that time.

I will use Intel Xeon E3-1275 V2 (I think this is quite fast) with Intel HD Graphics P4000 (great HD video decoding & certified for Photoshop CS6), cooled with Corsair H100i.

Price does not matter, I do not want low quality motherboard, what matters is simplicity (this is why I did not choose discrete graphics), stability, reliability and durability.

I need help based on your knowledge and experience, which of the two motherboards below is more appropriate. If you have a better candidate motherboard, please let me know.

ASUS Sabertooth Z77 (with its TUF components) or ASUS P8C WS (with 24x24 initiative workstation-optimized).
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  1. I decided not to use the Xeon E3-1275 V2, because driver support is not clear (I could not find it on Intel's site), so I chose the Intel Core i7-3770 with Intel HD Graphics 4000, I think this is enough to use with Dell UltraSharp U2713HM .

    I've found the right motherboard, Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH. Higher quality components, and a good implementation Realtek ALC898 with "built-in headphone amplifier" (from frequency to dynamic range and THD + Noise).

    Please close this question and thanks to no response.
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