Removing the side of the case.

I know it's bad for the air flow but what if i only have 1 fan that is extracting air and nothing is pushing it in? tried to install the other 1 but my PSU is too big and it just won't fit in there, will it be a good idea to remove the side of the case?
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  1. keep track of your temps and if needed open your case. You may not need to though.
  2. What case and what do you have in there hardware wise? Core2, i series, AMD, hard drives, PSU, etc etc...
  3. Asus Crosshair III Formula
    AMD Phenom II X4 3.4ghz 965 BE
    ATI Radeon 5700 Series HD
    4gbs of Ram
    Cougar 7000M Power Supply
  4. if you only have 1 fan then you need the case closed. of you wont get air flow across the board. you will just pull air from directly in front of the fan and not through the case.
    best you save up 40-50quid and buy a basic gaming case with at least 2 120mm fans...
    coolermaster do some great basic cases that will work well with the setup you have.
  5. Here is another suggestion, i put the tower on a seprate table and put a big home fan infront of it without opening the side(it has small spots that can take air in.
  6. tried it and it lowered the temp by 4-5, i know it will drive more dust in the case now but i'll just clean it more often and buy a new case soon.
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