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I recently put a new Asus mobo into an HP pavilion case. Everything works, except the power button. Since it was a different layout, I used two 2-pin extenders for the power and PLED (there is no reset button). But the power button doesn't work. Yet the computer will turn on and off if I unplug, and plug back in the extender. I can't get to the wiring on the button itself because of the way the case is pop-riveted together. Also, the light isn't coming on. I double checked to make sure the right connectors are in the right spot. Any ideas? Hopefully I'm just doing something stupid.
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  1. Hi, Do you have a ohmmeter? When pressing the power buuton, the 2 corresponding wires get connected. With a ohmmeter or similar try identifying what 2 out of the 4 wires correspond to the power switch.
  2. After some case... "modifications," I found that the wire had somehow melted further up. I think I should probably just get a new case.
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