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I want to build a system for office style use, (web browsing, microsoft office) nothing more demanding. I want it to run windows 7 but I want it to have extreme reliability with close to zero maintenance.

* Possibly with no fans, so I don't have to clean or change fans with time.
* No graphics card (keep the system simple)
* High quality components (Performance is not the priority)

I was thinking of building a system with a combined cpu and gpu like AMD's APUs or Intels Sandy Bridge processors. The resolution that they must be able to run wont exceed 1080p.
The price I have set in the subject is just a reference.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Is there a reason you would not want a laptop?
    If this is not being used for gaming for photoshop you don't even need the AMD APU level of chips. The built in graphics are good enough from both intel and AMD (780/880g).

    A fanless setup for a desktop will be pretty pricy and not perform as well as a system with fans. Systems don't really need fan cleaning. Unless you have a specific environment, i recommend that you look for a system with fans.

    I build a very modest AMD system for the type of work you are talking about and it shouolc cost around $400 with windows7 , if you go with fans, add around $200 to go fanless.
  2. Maybe a laptop that allows a second monitor would be a great choice. But then the price would definitely go up. What components would you choose for a fanless setup?
  3. You would need to ask an expert on the fan-less build.
    Once I saw the power supply I wanted was $160 Seasonic X-Series SS-460FL
    I decided to abandon it.

    The other part you would need is a fanless CPU cooler. I don't know how that would limit your cpu choices.
  4. I would not go fanless, as others pointed out before.

    I would go with:

    Mini ITX Asus P8H67-I
    Core i5 2500
    2x4GB DDR 1600 Corsair Vengeance Low Profile memory
    Antec ISK310-150
    Vertex 3 120GB
  5. A basic G620 should work.
    I am not sure why you would want to go fanless, but there are some prebuilt HTPC builds that are fanless AFAIK.
    Even most laptops have fans; and overheating is a bigger risk in laptops than desktops.
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