Asus P8P67-M Pro black screen after bios update

Hi guys, im new at the forum.

Today i tried to update my MOBO bios since i was having issues getting Windows 7 64 installed in a GPT HDD. So i updated from default Bios, which i think it was 0713 to the latest one i found at asus website, 3608.

I did it through ez bios update utility since i had already used it with an older mobo with no problems and just thought that since this mobo is newer and better quality it should run smoothly. After i updated the bios i got the message saying that system would restart but didnt do it on its own, so i did it myself.

Consecuently the pc never booted again, im getting no video and no sound, keyboard leds wont even light up. I cant find the dvd that came with the mobo to perform the Crash Free Utility so i tried using a usb stick since its supposed to work that way too. No luck. Usb light doesnt blink telling me theres no activity whatsoever.

Yes i tried clearing the cmos by removing the battery and changing the jumper, i even tried doing that while changing my Ram stick from 1 slot to another since i remember that i had this issue once i was dealing with a bad memory. So now im just clueless.

Im thinking of getting a new bios but since i live in Argentina it wont be easy, so any thought would be great.

My system specs are:

Asus P8P67 - M PRO (obviously)
Intel i5 2500k
Gskill 2x4gb DDR3 1600mhz
Idk if any other info is needed.

Thanks, im very impacient about this issue.
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  1. Hi, A BIOS chip would probably solve the issue
    Can you find a setup with a similar board (at a friend, maybe)?
  2. alexoiu said:
    Hi, A BIOS chip would probably solve the issue
    Can you find a setup with a similar board (at a friend, maybe)?

    Been thinking of that. I have some friends with the same cpu but the mobo is totally different, though it might be Asus as well. Anyway the only thing i could achieve by this is attemping a "hot swap" or whatever its called but i dont think my friends would be happy about disassembling their pcs to try something like that.
  3. You're right, they probably wouldn't agree messing with their boards. A local shop might help you with a programmer.
  4. That seems like an interesting idea. How that works? If the bios isnt completely messed up would be just plug it in a programmer and flashing it with any bios of my desire?

    Wouldnt just be a risk for the rest of the board of the pc? If not im tracking a programmer right now.
  5. Yes, I guess that the chip does work. A programmer should solve the issue and a decent local shop should have one. No risk for other components. Try searching on the ASUS Vip Forum. I remember they recommended a programmer in one of the posts. For about 50$.
  6. Yeah but that would be 50 dollars in any country but mine, here its like 200 dollars at least. Fortunately it seems that ive found a guy who does that for 10 dollars and youve convinced me to give it try.

    Thanks man, you have give me some hope of not having to buy another mobo.
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