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I'm building a server for a small business that will be used as a VMWARE ESXi host. The system doesn't have to be of the top performance. Just something that will host around 5-7 VMs, and relaible. The specs I'm looking for is as follows:

CPU: 8 cores
Memory: 32-64 GB
Disks: 4 1TB SATA disks that will be configures as 2 RAID1 volumes (1TB each). Doesn't matter if SATA II or SATA III

From what I've gathered so far, Intel boards are the most reliable. So, I've narrowed my options to these two:



My question are:
1- out of these two options what would be best? the S5520 is cheaper
2- Do I need ECC RAM? if these boards support non ECC RAM, does that mean I can put regular desktop RAM in them? since its cheaper?

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  1. To me, option 1 seems the best combination, if the boards support non ECC memory then yes, you can use standard desktop memory on it.

    Good luck :)
  2. Thanks for the prompt response.

    After further research, I'm more inclined to go with this board

    as thats the board I found information about the use of VMWARE ESXi on it. And its also in my price range. The memory details are as follows

    Memory Specifications
    Max Memory Size 192 GB
    Types of Memory DDR3 ECC UDIMM, RDIMM
    # of Memory Channels 6
    # of DIMMS 12
    ECC Memory Supported? true

    So does that mean than it only works with ECC memory or not?
    Also, it says that the max memory standard is 1333MHz. Now excuse my noob question, but does that mean it won't work with 1600MHz memory? or does it mean that the memory will not be running at 1600MHz, and only at 1333MHz?

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    ECC Memory is supported but not required on this board and you can use 1600Mhz RAM on it but it will probably under clock it to 1333Mhz.

    Hope this helped :)
  4. Exactly what I wanted to hear. thanks
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