I7 2600k fanless cooler options.

Good day everyone!

I am seeking some advice regarding coolers for a i7 2600k socket LGA 1155.

I am a Digital Artist and I work with 3DS Max program, so sometimes I do a lot of heavy rendering, which heats up my CPU up to 67º C. It has never crossed that temperature with the original cooler.

While it is sufficient in most situations, I would still like to replace the original cooler for a fanless cooler, because I want to reduce the amount of noise my computer generates, which at the moment is a lot when its under heavy load. I have a fairly good case, with a decent airflow, so I could use the fanless cooler without a problem.

I want to keep my CPU temperature low, and therefore I have been looking for some alternatives. I found one which would be perfect for me but in the stores where I live (Helsinki, Finland) it is not sold any more. It was the SilverStone Nitrogon SST-NT06-E Evolution fanless cooler.

I am now looking for something similar to that cooler, around the same price range, that would have the same efficiency as that cooler has proved to have, according to the reviews I have read.

I would appreciate all the help you can offer!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. These are sources of Silverstone products in Finland: http://www.silverstonetek.com/wheretobuy.php?wname=fin&area=en

    Are you sure the noise is not the video card fan(s)?
  2. All those stores are not selling the product anymore, that is why I am looking for an alternative.

    The video card does not have a fan.

    My objective is just to find a way of reducing the amount of fans working inside the computer, while maintaining a stable performance, without damaging any components.
  3. What cooler is on the CPU?
    Since you have an LGA 1155 motherboard you probably have several 3 pin fan headers on it controlled by the BIOS. Just look for the most quiet fans you can find in the size you need and use those.
    Or maybe your CPU fan is so noisy as the CPU is doing much of the rendering work instead of the video card.
    67C isn't that bad a temperature if the CPU is loaded heavily. If it gets above 80C or so it becomes a problem.
  4. Thanks for the replies so far.

    The cooler on the CPU is the original one from Intel. I have replaced my case fans with more silent ones, and i use a fan less Video Card.

    Most of the rendering programs use the CPU instead of the GPU for rendering, so it´s the CPU that does all the rendering. In fact, the video cards just improve the performance of the program while you are working on it, it does not affect the rendering at all.

    I believe that if i just find the right CPU cooler like the one I mentioned, the amount of noise will go down a big deal, as it has gone down when i replaced my video card.
  5. there are plenty of fans out that are absolutely silent. be-quiet silentwings is 1 example... the fan itself isnt cheap but really is the bulls danglies... all i ever hear from it is the air being pushed through it...
    pair it with a decent tower cooler and your golden... currently i run a silent wings on my i7 920 D0, zalman cnps 10 flex cooler and i oc to 3.6 idel is 35-40 depending on ambient and maxes out at 64 on prime95 all 8 threads 100%
    the silent wings lineup has a stunning lifespan of up to 300,000 hours. which is ridiculous and great at the same time... they price from £9 for the rpm model and £14-£30 for the pwm models...

    if you replace all the fans in your case it will be near silent... as the psu fan will likley end up the noisiest fan on the whole system... i aslo run a 3rd party cooler on my gfx it has 3 fans on it and it 20 is as silent as the be-quiet fan. so theres no need to have a fanless solution and risk the stability of your gfx card. they may be good for noise but there not so good for the lifespan of the cards as they dont give reliable heat dissipation on the other components like the vrm modules and ram...
  6. Agree with HEXiT, there are lots of fan vendors out there producing a silent cooler. I think you should look what Zalman has to offer, they're known to make some of the best cooler there is without sacrificing noise.Heck, most of them, if not all, are dead-silent.

    I also like passive cooling ideas, the metal material they use for such usually exceptional, by a little help of a decent airflow these thing can do wonders.
  7. another option is a cougar pwm(or any other quiet)fan with prolomatech megahalems rev.b.i use it with CM sickflows inp/p.its amazing.
  8. Have you heard of a company called Noctua?
  9. Noctua=High CFM+Extreme Silent+ugly Color scheme.
  10. amuffin said:
    Have you heard of a company called Noctua?

    Yes, as of yesterday. Wasn´t aware of their coolers. But thanks for the tip.

    I also had a zalman for some years, and i have a very good experience with them, so I will also check them out.

    Maybe having a fan less cooler might be a bit risky, and having so many good options and silent as you say, i might consider one. Thanks .
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