Weird thing happening with new built rig & my display

Built a new rig. Everything works great. Specs are:

asrock mobo 1155 compatible
8gb ddr3 1600 ripjaw
1tb caviar black HDD
gtx 580 - evga superlocked

monitor: hp 23"
connection: VGA cable via DVI>VGA converter peice

So everything has been working great. However I've noticed something odd.

When I have multiple program options, and i switch between them using alt-tab, part of a background program appears in the foreground.

For example, I'm downloading 3 games at once using steam, origin, and a regular .exe launchpad. When I alt-tab to origin, parts of steam show up on my screen briefly then disappear.

What's causing this? Graphics drivers are fully updated.
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  1. Are your vga cables plugged in fully?
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