Posible to update bios???

I may be trying to do the impossible. but i need to ask. i just a got a great deal on a i7 3770k so i sold my older second generation i5 to upgrade. only probelm is that i need a bios update, my board does support my cpu but with a an updated bios. so not having my older i5 is there any way i can somehow update the bios? i would hate to buy an older cpu just to do the update. mobo is an foxconn h67s
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  1. Hi, As I can see from the board's picture, the BIOS chip is on socket. Try googling for one (on ebay for example http://www.ebay.com/itm/BIOS-Chip-FOXCONN-H67S-H67A-S-H67M-S-/260821187852) flashed with the latest BIOS.
    Have you installed the new CPU and it doesn't work?
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