Gigabyte GTX560 non TI overclocked with TI bios driver


I have a video card Gigabyte GTX560 (GV-N560GOC-1GI) and by mistake I rewrite the bios with files from GTX 560 TI (GV-N560OC-1GI). Core clock went up from 830 to 900 MHz and shaders clock went up from 1660 to 1800 MHz, also operating voltage in full load increased to 1.04 V. The card is stable, I didn’t notice any errors, in full load temperature went up to 75 °C with fan at 85%.

I tried to put back my old bios (I made a backup before changing) but I get the error message that it is not for my card. What should I do? Can I leave that new bios for TI version or put back somehow (I have no clue how) the old bios.
Is any risk to damage the card in time if I leave it like this?

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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I have checked that site and non TI version is not there with a BIOS.
    I suppose that they really didn't overclocked it.

    Hmm. I will prey not to have problems with my card in next 3 years because bios changing is not covered by warranty.
  2. it's look like PCB design good.
    of course you can take the card to RMA flash reback to original bios :wahoo:
  3. A question I have is your card now being recognized as a 560ti and ha the performance improved? TI or not I would think you could lower the clocks in nvidia contol panel. I have my gtx560 running at 900 w/no problems. I've been tempted to load the ti bios to see if it will unlock my card to a ti being it's the same gpu. I have the Gigabyte 560 oc. The volyage is locked in the current bios to the gpu, it runs at 900 cool so if I could increase the voltage I'm sure I could get it to 1000 easy.
  4. I didn't test too much with old bios because I change it relative quick after buying. From the time I made the change till now I didn't get any errors. In GPU-Z the name is still GTX 560 and not GTX 560TI but the rest of the values are from a TI version:

    GPU Clock 900 MHz
    Memory 1002 MHz
    Shader 1800 MHz
    Voltage 0.95 in iddle and 1.04 in full load
    GPU Temperature 38-40 Celsius in iddle and 50-60 Celsius in full load

    I hope this helps.
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