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Hello community, sorry if this is in the wrong category I'm new to toms. I just build my first rig last night, and I was looking a video that says you should look for a beep from your mobo when it boots and I haven't heard anything yet. Could not having an OS be the problem?

I connected the HD audio cable from my case to this port:

Do I need to change some settings in the BIOS?
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  1. The system beeps don't come through the HD audio. If your motherboard doesn't have a built-in buzzer then you can buy one for cheap here:
  2. Not all motherboards emit a beep when booting... mine doesn't. Not having an OS has nothing to do with beeps... is your PC working fine? If it is, then don't worry about hearing a beep.
  3. Yeah it's up and running. Installing the OS right now. I'm just nervous about something going horribly wrong since it's my first build.
  4. the buzzer would be helpful during a pc not booting up or having errors with its memory :)

    if rig is up and running than turn a blind eye to it. However, it is something you'll need when you are hell-bent into finding whats wrong with your pc and wouldn't want to take it apart.
  5. To verify you can hear beeps... remove all of your memory.. then try booting up your PC... it will beep at you like crazy! Then you know the "buzzer" works. Then put your memory back in and your good to go.
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