How to change the resource of the PCI card?


I have install a PCI card, which is running well in one of my computer, its RAM assigned to FDEFFF00 to FDEFFF7F. But while I install it to another PC, it doesn't work although device management show it installed ok. I found that its RAM assigned to FEBFFF80 to FEBFFFFF, that is conflict with "PCI BUS".

I want to modify it manully, but can not. How can i do it in XPsp3 system?
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  1. Try different PCI Slot...
    Set Plug and Play Operating System (PnP OS) to "NO" "OFF" "DISABLED" or however your BIOS lists it

    Then, again depending on your BIOS, you can manually configure IRQs and Addresses in the BIOS itself
  3. no, i am XP system, can not do it. Anyone have other idea?
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