ASUS P9X79 PRO upgrade will not load windows 7

Just upgraded my mobo to asus p9x79 pro running windows 7 on wd 1tb hdd. I have corsair vengeance 4x4gb mem sticks and radeon hd 4850 card along with 600w psu. When i tried to boot up after install, I can get to the bios just fine but when windows trys to load i see the splash screen for a second and then the blue screen flashes for a fraction of a second and the boot process cycles again only this time it tries to repair windows but cannot. Can anyone help?
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  1. do you still have your old mobo?
    for any mobo upgrade, it is important to first set certain windows ports and drivers to generic.
    An OS installation calls a hardware through referenced id in its addressing tables, migrating key hardware components as is a case with mobo swap will result in OS not being able to initialize the new hardware as it will still be calling/referencing the old one and therefore not boot at all.

    you should boot up fine using your old mobo and then use it to do this:

  2. Unfortunately the old mobo gave out on me, I have tried to reinstall win 7 but the "repair windows " option does not fully cycle through either. I am considering getting another SATA drive or SSD drive and performing a fresh install. the only thing with that is that i have upgrades for all windows except for win XP x32 so I need to call microsoft again to tell them i'm upgrading to 64 bit again and go through their hoops again, and I still dont kow if that will work or not. Any suggestions?
  3. a fresh install will definitely work. that is guaranteed (i can never spell this right :x ).
    Instead of getting a new drive, you may do a fresh install on your existing hard drive and just not format it to save data.
  4. Thanks. What if I upgrade to win 8 using a usb drive. Do you think that will work?
  5. Windows 8 would most likely do a complete fresh install and probably not an upgrade. But i do believe it is anyday better to jump to windows 8 from XP.
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