Motherboard has no iDE slots

I recently installed the Mai 760gm p25 (fx) and I realized that it doesn't have any Ide drive slots, I was upgrading the gateway gm5639e and I still have the stock hard drive and DVD drive, but my system can't boot up! I heard you can buy pci ide controller cards or buy a Sata DVD drive but for the DVD drive option, I'm not sure if I bought the DVD drive that my hard drive would still work, would appreciate advice on how to get my build running, thanks.
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  1. hello... Yes IDE has gone away... current new motherboard builds, require SATA replacement Drives... New Sata drives not in your Build Budget?

    There is SATA 1 2 & 3 at this time... 3 being the fastest.

    There are quick fixes... connectors... Boards.... USB... but not all can guarantee it will give you the performance and compatabillity to your hardware... So buyer beware.

    You could BOOT your new system with a USB drive... operating system, if your tring to do some testing on it.
  2. Well I can buy a new Sata DVD drive but not a hard drive, my question is, if I replace my DVD drive would I also need to replace my hard drive which I believe is Sata since it has the Sata cable
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    Hello... If its any version of Sata your good to go with that Hardrive with your Motherboard.

    ok... now days I find I can download most any thing from the internet that I need... same is true for any Windows version... and you can extract an ISO of your Windows version, to an USB stick and install it to your existing Sata Hardrive.

    My DVD drive gets the least ( if any ) use these days... and have been doing installs and updates using a USB stick.

    Do you need help finding The ISO file and extraction for your Windows OS version?
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  5. Thanks for the info I guess I'll just buy big a hard drive to store ISO's since I do have a computer that can extract them anyways
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