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Sorry to post this query here like this but I didn't see FAQ or help on using the forums (just signed up).
I found the forums by doing Google search for a motherboard and one of the results helped me find an answer here (and raised more questions). One of the FAQs here suggests searching forums first before posting, but I don't see a search feature here. Is there one and how do I use it?
I tried the search box at the top of the page but it appears to be a general search for tom's hardware, not specifically for the forums. It yielded no results when I put in the mobo part number, but I saw posts about the board. So that's why I'm assuming it searched only the web site and not the forums. I see the link inside a thread to seach INSIDE a thread, but I would like to be able to search FOR a thread (without scrolling through many pages of thread titles).
I used to use this and other online forums a long time ago but got out of system building and visiting them years ago. Looks like I'm coming back and appreciate the help in getting re-acclimated.

Thanks in advance,

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  2. Use the search box at the top of the forum. Your results can then be narrowed down by clicking forum, news, or articles above the results.
  3. Thanks for trying, but as I said that yielded no results (even though a Google search found results).
    I clicked a couple of the links under the "related articles" (or something like that) heading that dealt with this, but both were old... when the forum was obviously using a different version (one was from 2002 the other from 2007).
    The thread from 2007 had a response that referred to being able to search only one's own posts... I don't see any kind of option for doing anything like that here.

    Here is some of what I found... do these search options still exist? Because I don't see any of the tabs or links or icons that they are talking about...

    Ninjahedge 07-12-2007 at 04:01:31 PM Show message
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    I just tried looking for something in "all subforums" and it gave me nothing. (Search term "stars" ).

    I also tried looking for any post by me, nothing.

    I initiated the search from the magnifying glass icon/tab at the top of the forum.

    Does it ONLY search the forum/subforum you are in when you hit the icon (And say all subforums) or does it go back to the main page and start there?

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    Docteur Korma 07-12-2007 at 04:42:01 PM Show message
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    It's probably because you didn't select "Search in: topic titles + content of the topics".

    Edit: even though it works perfectly for me
    Stars: [...] earchall=1
    You: [...] earchall=1
  4. It's no different than any other search engine, the results depend on your search criteria. Try to make it as vague as possible, then narrow your results. If you use the search box, it will search the whole site, not just the forum.
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