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Can OEM disk be used as system repair disk?

Hi guys I am going to try to create a second partition on my hard drive and

the software I am using to do this (MiniTool Partition Wizard) says I should

back up everything in case something goes wrong.

I have made a system image on another portable hard drive.

I have an OEM version of windows 7 and I am wondering whether i can boot from the disk

and use it to restore my system from the system image i have created in case something goes wrong.

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    Yes you can repair too.
  2. The only difference between retail and OEM is the license key!
  3. U can use the free Clonezilla to make a back up @
    Windows 7 - Clonezilla Open-Source Image Backup tutorial...
  4. Thank you everyone!
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  6. Thanx for the vote phatthefirst : ) Good luck!
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