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hi guys,
i hav a gigabyte m-board with Ati Raedon 3200(256 mb) inbuilt graphics.
Recently i hav bought a Nvidia graphics card(1 gb).

when i installed the card in my mo-bo, i hav uninstalled the ati display driver which i hav installed from my mo-bo driver disk
installed the nvidia driver.

for a few days, everything went fine....
But now my computer shows blue screen error (in the error screen, it advises me to chane the video adapter) & shuts down. when i restart the computer, it goes fine but when i open a video or a game, it again shows the error screen & shuts down...
Sometimes it shows a message "Display driver has stopped working & has recovered successfully" in a balloon above the task bar.

So guys what's the problem??
Hav i done something wrong??
pls help..........
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    Bad card, not enough power or corrupt drivers. Start by updating drivers.
  2. What is the model of your new NVIDIA video card?
    Check in BIOS if you're still running the onboard card instead of the discrete one.
    Uninstall your current NVIDIA drivers. Do a clean uninstall. Use Driver Sweeper.

    Then download the latest drivers from NVIDIA's website. Install.
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