Help with a good Mobo Socket LGA 1366

Hi Guys, a friend of mine is trying to make a computer out of some parts I gave him. The parts are an Intel Core i7-920 processor and a set a memory OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 1600. He was very limited on budget and I tried to help him. Now is up to him to buy every other part and I am helping him in the process. But the problem is that every LGA 1366 mobo I see available in pages like newegg or amazon are above the $200. Those are 2yr / 3yr old mobo's and they are very expensive I was trying to find a decent mobo around the $100 budget.

If anyone could help I would gladly appreciate it.
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  1. Hi thanks, for your fast response. Is that Intel Mobo good? I usually don't follow reviews on the page hehe.
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