[CPU] I5 2500K vs FX 6100 vs A8 3870 for programming

Hi, I'm Alesis from Argentina.

I study system's engineering and I want to buy a cpu for programming (mySQL, test servers, IDE).

I have been thinking on:

- Intel i5 2500: it's great but it cost u$d 150 more than fx 6100 and A8

- Amd FX 6100 and Amd apu A8 3870 are similar in prices, but I think that with the A8 i don't need to buy a video card in the future.

I want to have 2 monitors of 20" :D , 4gb at the first moment, 750gb / 1tb from sata 3 hard disk, optional: buy a video card and 4gb more ram in the future.

any suggestions? sorry if my english is not ok. I would be so grateful :bounce: if you help me ;)

Note: these 3 processors are the only are in stock in my city.
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  1. For performance per thread and a great memory controller the i5 is an amazing choice. For total integration and build cost the A8 is a good choice but isn't great on power. The FX is only good in highly threaded applications and high load where every core is being used.
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