Cpu and motherboard for new build

hi, i was planning on making myself a new build after the hollidays. i was looking at the am3+ stuff like a fx 8150 and probably a asus crosshair v or a asrock fatal1ty 990fx pro. i wouldnt mind looking at something intel either. what do you guys think?

also with pci express 3.0coming, will the manufacturers be working on new motherboards? and do we know if amd have any plans to release a new processor with a higher core speed?

thanks in advance for any suggestions ;)
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  1. if you're waiting until after the holidays why not hold out until the ivy bridges come out?
  2. Well i was thinking about doing that but still not sure will it be worth it?
  3. all I know is I haven't had my main gaming rig as an intel system since P3, but I'm not upgrading again until Ivy Bridge is out.... sure it will probably be a minor performance increase 5-15% over sandy, but it's also going to produce less heat and use less energy which is a plus as well.
  4. yea well to tell the truth ive had both amd and intel systems ive always concidered myself more of a amn fanboy guy but now ive grown out of that phase so i dont mind at all lookin into intel cpus my computer at the moment is a core2quad 8200 and im still pleased with it:) just know that the time has come to get something a bit newer
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