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One Mobo Two HHD Win7 64bit mainOS & XP pro 32bit 2cd OS will it work?

I need to upgrade from XP pro to Win7 pro 64bit so that I can run Adobe CS5.5 (mostly premier & after effects) The parts are all in good shape. But would there be a BIOS problem if I saved a HDD with the XP and my adobe CS3 in case there's a crash. And there's always all that software that still only runs on windows XP (CS5.5 has too be win7 64bit and CS3 can't be in win7 64bit) but the budget doesn't allow for another totally new system.
If it's possible to do this then can I even have the HDD with the XP plugged in as a slave with no worries. Most likely it will just be on the shelf.
The system has:
Biostar Motherboard TA785 A2+ Ver. 6.x Also bought a new AMD Phenom ll X4 Processor and a OCZ 750W ZS series PSU. Plus a CoolerMaster V8 180W CPU cooler (To Cool the house) it's AM3 compatible (and we do love NewEgg don't we!) So I'm thinking it's all compatible any ideas to the contrary? Thank you all in Advance of any comments you may have.
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    If you don't intend to use the drive then I would not put it in the computer. If you do want to put it in the computer then I would just mount it and not plug cables into it.

    You open yourself to unnecessary downside by plugging in the drive when you aren't using it.

    I am not an expert on the V8, but if it says it works with AM3 then it probably does.

    I am not a big fan of the OCZ brand but some people here with respected opinions swear by it.

    If it were me, I would buy an AM3 board to go with a new Phenom 2 x4 processor (indeed my board is AM3+ and my processor is Phenom 2 x4). Some backward compatibility is there, but the motherboard is the most important part of a PC in most respects.
  2. Yep that's what I figured/thanks a bunch!
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