PSU Problems.

Hello, I recently bought a OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply to replace the original that came with my computer. After installing it I noticed that when I power up the computer I lose like 5 channels on the t.v.
I've moved it all over the house and it doesn't matter. I've also bought 2 Ferrite Core Cord Noise Suppressors and they don't work either. I'm not sure but I think this new PSU doesn't have Double layer EMI Filters. So its really hard either I'm on the computer and the wife gets no t.v. or vice versa. Please help.
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  1. sounds faulty given that much interference.
  2. iv never heard of a PSU causing interferance like that, i have to agree with 13thmonkey, sounds faulty.

    contact the manufacturer and explain whats happening. dont think theirs anything anyone could tell you to fix your problem. dont take it apart or break any seals on it or warrenty is void.

  3. I appreciate the quick responses. I'm just not sold that its the PSU being bad yet. I've run all the tests with a meter and everything is up to par. I've googled EMI and RF noise and found lots of info out there and that I haven't been the only one. No solutions though.
    I've contacted OCZ and they suggested the ferrite also. Originally thought maybe cause it was modular (first one) but that's not it. I'm very grateful for the posts so far, thanks.
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    L4dyBug said:
    I'm just not sold that its the PSU being bad yet.

    Have you tested for RFI, other than using your TV no. Have you used an oscilloscope, no. A meter will not tell you about this kind of fault.

    The only test you have done is swapping the psu over and now it causes problems when you turn it on.

    What more evidence do you need. RMA it now, back to the shop, with the email from ocz, whilst its new, the longer you wait the more likely they are to claim there is no fault.
  5. Thanks 13thmonkey I'll RMA it today. :D
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