Computer turns on then off then on again and no video showing

I just built my first system and I need some help. When I turn it on it turns off then back on again with no display showing. I don't have an internal speaker so I can't hear the beep. Also, here are what parts I used:
Asus p8z68 v pro
Cooler master silent pro hybrid power supply
i7 2600k
Corsair vengeance ram
Msi gtx 580 lightning extreme

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Wattage on the PSU?
    Your monitor's DVI cable should be plugged into the 580, not into the motherboard.
    Try with one stick of RAM at a time.
  2. 850w. It's plugged into the 580. And I only have one stick of ram in right now.
  3. um hello sotn
    That's enough for two 580s. No problem there, I think, assuming everything's reasonably new.
    Do you have another RAM stick to try?
  4. Yeah. I tried another stick.
    #8, #13, #22 especially (eliminate the GPU as a possible problem, though I doubt that's it), and the stuff after that. Anything I'd tell you is basically from there.
  6. On the motherboard the ram light doesn't light up. Does this mean anything? Everything else seems to be working fine
  7. Did you check its instructions? If you don't have the actual manual, get Googling on whatever computer you're using now and find it. Make sure the RAM's in the right slot. Alternately, just try it in different slots, but go find the manual anyway.
  8. there's usually a populating pattern to the ram, check the manual where you should place the 1 stick of ram. make sure the front panel headers are connected to the right pins.
  9. The ram is in the right spot and everything is connected properly
  10. But no RAM light.
    As an option of last resort, it could possibly be a bad motherboard, but they check these things.
  11. I never saw the OP even acknowledge the checklist. You're likely to find what's causing your POST problem if you perform every step in the troubleshooting checklist linked above. The checklist was created to troubleshoot this exact type of problem.
  12. I've already went through the checklist.
  13. I had this exact problem and fortunately I had an old GPU I could swap out to test. Turns out my new GPU was defective.
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