ASUS P8Z77-V does not recognize ASUS ENGTS450 video card

I just installed an ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard and with an ASUS ENGTS450 video card with Windows 7. If I hook up my monitor to the onboard video I'm fine but I am unable to get video output when I attach the ASUS video card. Is there some magic I need to do?

your help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Do you connect the PCI-E (4pin or 6pin) form PSU to the GTS450?
  2. Yes. good question though, at first I forgot. Okay, see if you can follow this: When I first forgot to plug in the PSU connector I would get video from the onboard and not the asus card. when I did connect the PSU connector I didn't get video from either one. so connecting the PSU did do something but didn't didn't give me video.
    thanks for the reply
  3. Also you need go to the BIOS and set the video output in "auto mode" too. Just double check it.

    Is there any beep sound from the MB if you have the speaker?
  4. I don't see any setting that explicity says "video output". There is "Primary Display" and I have that set to auto. I have speakers connected to the rear output jacks, but no system speaker. There isn't a beep from the speakers connected to the output jacks. I have the case open. Is there an led that should be on or off? When the system first starts up there is an led directly above the video card and that goes red for a second and then goes off.
  5. That is way set the "Primary Display" to the auto.

    If the PC has problem to boot then system speaker has the beep code to show what is problem.

    Maybe you get the bad card, I run out idea.
  6. thank you for your help
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    i have an asus sabertooth mb.under primary display change from ipgpu to pci. also with a new build make sure your mb bios has the newest bios. when you boot into windows make sure you install the newest intel mb chipset drivers then reboot. then install the newest intel ipgpu drivers and the nvidia video drivers. with both of them installed make the nvidia video card the primary video output.
  8. so far I still can't get it to work but now I have another problem. I updated the bios to 1805 and now I keep getting a warning that my cpu fan is at 0 rpm. well I am sitting here looking at my cpu fan spinning away. wow, never had any problems with all of the asus mbs I have installed. I haven't given up yet. I have faith in the video card since I just pulled it out of another system and it was working. guess it's time to put it back in that system to confirm that it still works. argh!
  9. duh! when I updated the bios I forgot to plug the psu back in. Got the video card working! thanks. Now I have another problem. Since I updated the bios I am getting an error that my cpu fan is not working or at 0 rpm. I know this isn't the case since I see it spinning away. much thanks for the video card resolution
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  11. make sure you connected the fan to the cpu fan header not the cpu fan aux header that next to it. the other issue could be you missed one of the fan pins.
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