Build me a multi use computer?

I have always bought pre-built comps. And they are great, last for a while and do the job. But they lack the ability to upgrade. Whcih I wanted to do, and was totally bummed out when my current comp. has almost no upgrading room. I was told builiding one was easy enough for me to do, and I can make it to my needs. Liked the sound of it, so I want to try it!

Before asking you to build me one, I will first tell you my budget and my uses for the comp.

I am not wanting to spend more than 300 dollars, and I will tell you why later. My uses will be in order from most important to least important.

Web Browsing, Light Gaming, Light 3D applications, and Light Video editing. So basically, everything.haha

With the 300 dollars I asked to build a comp, I would like for you to NOT include a graphics card. As I will buy the GTX 560 TI 448 CUDA or GTX 560 TI later on. So the graphics card should not be included in the 300 dollars. I also do NOT need a hard drive, as I already have a 250 GB one that I will be using. So I am only needing, Case, MB, CPU, RAM, and PSU. Other than that, I already have.

Sorry if I didn't give you much to go on, if you need anymore info I will happily supply you with it.
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  1. How I figured it was to put a budget on each component, so here is what I prefer as to budget wise.

    Case-50 MB-60 CPU-100 RAM-30 PSU-50
  2. Also, I prefer AMD as with my budget, Intel wouldn't give me the best performance.
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