Asus P8Z68 VPRO/GEN3 Sata port issues

Hello there,
I have an asus p8z68vpro/gen3 mobo with a 500gb seagate HDD which has the OS installed in it and another 160gb HDD which has no OS installed and only work as a data drive.I have my 500gb HDD connected to the marvel port and the 160gb HDD to the 3gb/s port.Also have connected the DVD writer to the other 3Gb/s port.

Now I have been reading in a lot of forum that it doesn't make much of a difference if we connect the HDD to 3gb/s port even if the hdd is capable of 6gb/s transfer rate as hardly any HDD provides that kinda transfer rate.So I tried connecting my 500gb HDD from the marvel port to the normal 3gb/s port.But when I does it my HDD doesn't boot and sends me to the bios where it do shows connected to the Sata blue port.I did change the connection wire to a normal one thinking that it would bring about any change as my earlier connection wire used was a 6Gb/s one provided by the motherboard maker.Still it made no difference.

Also when I change my SATA config to AHCI from IDE,all that is connected to the 3gb/s port doesn't show up.

Any idea why is it happening?
Sorry if it is a noob question but has been pondering on this for last three days with no luck.

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  1. Double check the boot order in the BIOS, because you have two HDD, make sure the 500GB is the first boot HDD in the order.
  2. Did so.But still not working :(
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