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I was looking at this case for a cheap home office build. I like the layout and it looks like you can do some cable management with the case. What I am unsure about is the two side fans. My plan is to get a micro ATX board so fan headers will be limited. I wasn't planning on using those two side fans and I was worried that leaving them empy will mess up air pressure/ air flow.
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  1. That case only comes with the 1 Rear fan as standard,

    1 x 120 mm rear fan
    1 x 120/140 mm front fan(optional)
    1 x 80/90/120 mm buttom fan(optional)
    3 x 120 / 140 mm side fan(optional)

    unless your running a large overclock or a huge video card i would not worry about it.
  2. For this neither would be a factor. I dont think I'm going to go with any graphics card probably just the integrated graphics. I might throw some after market fan filters over those fan ports just to keep out dust from entering the case from those open spaces.
  3. Good choice for your intended useage.
    Wouldn't worry about fans,rear exhaust is included and the most important..
    You could add a front intake for better crossflow.
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