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I recently picked up a used HT-DDWG700 to replace my ancient logitech surround sound system. In stereo it's already a great upgrade. I'm currently using my onboard sound because my old Creative Audigy card doesn't have an optical output. I'd really like to get the surround sound working in games, but really have no idea about any of this dolby or dts stuff. From what I can tell this new system doesn't support Dolby Digital Live (I try to set it under playback devices > properties > advanced in win 7 and it says no tone is played). Gaming is my primary concern, music secondary. What sound card do I need to get this to work? I do need it to be a PCI-E as it's all that's available in my rig. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Creative X-fi should work fine for you. They sound great in games and music. Although, i have found that most onboard audio puts out good sound..

    Enjoy :)
  2. Even with creatives driver issues?
  3. Ok so it looks like Xonars are out since none of them have optical out, which I need to work with my stereo system. (Unless there's something I'm missing and I can somehow get surround sound with just a red/white cable?)

    Is there any difference between these besides branding?

    Would they do the surround sound over optical? It seems like this one does for sure:

    Guess one way or another I'm getting a Creative. X.X
  4. they do have optical... you're talking about toslink right?

    "High-bandwidth Coaxial/TOS-Link combo port supports 192KHz/24bit" from product specs... <-- lowest model geared at gaming with optical you can also take a look at their site and see what else they have as they have cards geared towards a number of uses...

    D series = gaming
    Essence = Music
    HDAV = A/V movies etc...
    U series = laptops
  5. No PCI-E ones with Optical that I see on newegg. :)
  6. Ok so that cheap card sold out. :(

    So now it's between these 2:

    I'm tempted to go with the Titanium since it is on sale, and it's not refurbished.

    As I understand it those 3.5mm jacks ares actually toslink connections. Or I can use the rca connector which should connect to the digital coax on my speakers if I want to save that for headphones correct? This card seems more future proof to me and I might one day plug some nice headphones into it. Thanks for all your help guys.
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