Missing Bios?

I have just finished my new build (after a lot of struggle).
The board is MSI P67a-GD53 B3,
I'm in windows now, and I'm trying to download the bios update so I can install my ivy bridge processor, but I have a problem. It appears that I originally have no BIOS in the first place, so I am unable to upgrade.
I get the error message:
"NTDLR is missing - Press any key to restart"
I press a key and it goes into windows...
Did I miss something while building, is there any reason I don't have any BIOS?
Any solutions to this?

Cheers guys
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  1. NTDLR isn't a reference to the BIOS but rather the Windows bootloader. If you had no BIOS you'd have a dead PC. But that message is strange since Windows works. Ordinarily when you get that message Windows is corrupt and can't start.
  2. You would not be in Windows if you had no BIOS. You can check this article and see if there are any solutions: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrormessage/a/ntldrmissingxp.htm
  3. I know guys but my motherboard has no "press f2 to access bios" etc etc. I had to use system restore which failed, then went through to cmd and ran the windows installation from there but I have no access to BIOS. When the MSI motherboard Military class blah blah thing appears, I have no option to enter BIOS. There must be something I am missing here. I have absolutely no experience with MSI boards and my windows is fresh install.
  4. I have done a search of my windows and I can't find a boot.ini file. Could this may be the cause?
  5. Mash the del key on bootup and see if you have any success, that is the BIOS access button for your board.
  6. Success! thank you. Now how to fix the NTDLR error? On windows 7 at the moment, need to upgrade this processor! Not happy with i3 2120
  7. Upgrade your BIOS, change your CPU, then I would do a reinstall of Windows, probably couldn't hurt to run a chkdisk on your HDD either.
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