Need help trouble shooting water cooling pump

Having a small issue with one of my water cooling pumps, and would like some help with trouble shooting. Will list system below.

I did not build the system, but bought it from a good friend who did.

I have a split reservoir with 2 separate loops and pumps, one for the CPU and one for the video card.

Problem: When I do a shutdown, if I turn the comp back on within 10 minute ish the CPU pump starts, but the video card pump does not start, and will over heat and shut down the display if I do not turn it off quickly. (I can see if the water is moving in the reservoir)

If I do a restart this doesn't happen, as I think the pumps don't actually stop. There are no intermittent pump problems, once it starts, its good to go, so I am assuming there is no electrical shorts. This has been a problems since I bought the system.


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
Mother board: Asus Crosshair Formula 4
CPU: AMD 1090 T (Overclocked) w/ cooling block
Ram: 4Gb of Corsair Dominator
Video Card: Radeon 5870 HD (Stock) w/ cooling block
Reservoir: XS PC dual bay split
Pumps: Switfttech MCP350

Any help appreciated, have been looking for a while can't find anything online.
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    I would replace the offending pump without thinking. I used to repair electronics, and I've seen countless small electric motors fail like that---run once they've started but freeze at the start.
  2. That is discouraging, as I think I would need to drain the entire system and I believe the pumps are over $100 bucks.

    I will replace the pump as a last resort, any other suggestions?
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  4. So I looked more into this pump model , and looks like this is a common problem. I replaced it today and will see how it works. Good so far.
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