CPU Temperature Spikes and random BSOD

Windows 7 64 ultimate
CPU: 2500k i5 with stock cooling fan
MOBO: asus v pro gen 3
GPU: EVEGA 550 ti superclocked
RAM: 4gb x2 G skill ripjaw 1333mhz
PSU: Antec 620
All of the drivers/ bios are updated


So this is my first computer build. Over the past couple weeks I keep getting random BSOD they seem to be happening about every 8 hours. I don't know what's causing it. I've tried to reinstal windows and that hasn't helped. I'm going to get a new ssd tomorrow so I'll try and re install windows once again.

Temperature spikes.

So my computer stays at abou 42C on average. I've been playing Skyrim on ultra and the temps go up a little about 45. So I haven't had any problems.

Today I started playing MASS EFFECT 1 and after about and hour of playing when I close down the game I see a warning pop up from AI suite (Asus utility program) warning me that my cpu temperature is at 75C!

I installed Sensorview pro. When I open up MASS Effect my cpu temp jumps to 55C instantly. As soon as I close the game I get the AI warning of the temp being 75 but sensorview pro says its 55 and than it drops back down to 42.

Why am I getting these temperature warning? Why are the numbers different with each program? Where do I start to fix my BSOD?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Also I didin't change any of the settings in the bios or any overclocking. I just plugged in the parts and turned the computer on.
  2. Start by testing your ram one stick at a time.
    Burn ISO image to disc
    Load from cd/dvd = f12
    Run for at least 30min/8 passes
    Make sure AHCI is enabled in bios = crucial for SSD install
  3. I also got a warning one time about the voltage but I don't remember what it said i think it was in the 3v range
  4. I'll try that program now. I tried using Speccy utility and it says that my ra is @686mhz 9-9-9-24. And it says my cpu temp is 40 and my mobo temp is 60C. While typing this Speccy said my mobo temp just spiked for a second to 120C
  5. What psu are you using?
  6. antec 620wat
  7. v core 2.040 is the warning that just popped up.
  8. kentucky7887 said:
    v core 2.040 is the warning that just popped up.

    Get into your bios and load optimize defaults and save/exit.
    The vcore is way too high.
    You're gonna fry your cpu.
    Use CPU-Z to monitor your rig settings.
  9. Yeah just did that in the bios and I'm running the memory check now.
  10. it only spiked to 2.04 when the warning came up. When I checked it says it was around .9 to 1.0. But i loaded the optimize defaults and running the memory check.
  11. 1 pass with both sticks in said no errors and took about 40 mins.
  12. kentucky7887 said:
    1 pass with both sticks in said no errors and took about 40 mins.

    Test one stick at a time.
  13. Just tested the sticks and they were all good. But like an idiot i missed a mobo bios update which I just did now. So I guess I'll see in a day or so if I still get BSOD.

    I also Downloaded GUPID HWmonitor for my temps to see how they run, thanks Davcon for that recommendation. It seems that the ASUS AI suite is terrible for monitoring the system, which seems to be a common complaint.

    Got the new pyro 120gb ssd installed as my os drive and seems to be running smooth. I was having some trouble with that and my other hdds not being seen. Hopefully the newest mobo bios will fix this. I would sometimes have to move the stata plugs to a different spot for it to be shown.
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    Ya bios updates always seem to stabalize wonky performance in my experiences.
    Especially when mobos are relatively new releases like yours.
    Yep i use HWMonitor too!
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