2 out of 6 usb 3.0's work

SO i just upgraded my system to a z77-extreme6 motherboard and an i5-3570k, when i installed windows the usb 3.0's worked fine... after installing the update for them i now only have 2 working which is very frustrating
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  1. What happens when you plug in like a pen drive in a non functioning port? The ports which are not working are they front of the case or at back?
    Open device manager and check if it is reporting any problem.
  2. if i plug a pen drive nothing shows up, my keyboard(g110) does not light up but strangly my mouses lazer senser lights up just nothing is instsalled so it does not move the curser, as for the device manager there are 4 things missing all without able to find the update

    1) Ethernet controller

    2)Sm Bus controller

    3)Unknown device(probably my xbox wireless connector)

    4) Video Controller
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