9800 gtx freezing up

Can some1 resolve the problem with 9800GTX on Gainward ...cuz i buy one to a friend but after a while i see it freezes with diagonal white dotts n PC can be only restarted... im with PSU POV 850W Tagan Hybrid and with 10 fans n 3 turbines in case its cooled very good other vga isnt overheating i test her before runing the some game on 95% fan speed but it freezes on WoW,COD:MW2,Sniper Ghost Warrior n Far Cry 2.... any1 can help me ??

im with Win7 32bit Ultimate,4 GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX 1600,Phenom II 840 3.2 Quad-Core
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  1. If it is not driver issue then it could be a bad card
  2. I change the 9800 to 9800GTX+ now she isnt freezing but have a fan issue :D never mind its a problem in the fan sensor so if some one of u have it just remove the blue cable from the power connector of fan
  3. That's a bad card you got, happens a lot with the nvidia cards from the 8000 and 9000 series
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