I5 2500k vs i7 2600k. Worth the extra money???

Obviously video editing would seem to be more demanding on a cpu then audio editing or multi track audio recording. Generally speaking is their any significant advantge to choose a 2600k i7 over the 2500k i5 for multi track audio ie. Sonar, Abelton, Protools, etc.
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  1. For multitasking i7 2600k is better then 2500k.
  2. for gamaing-
    for multitasking-
    choice is yours ;)
  3. i7-2600k's money worth comes from Hyper Threading which adds 4 logical threads on top of the original 4 cores. This helps the CPU work to it's fullest when using an application capable of >4 threads or multi-tasking.

    If you can utilize 8 threads at once the i7-2600k could very well be worth the cash.

    Don't expect a 45-50% increase in performance like the increase in price, but the performance is definitely good if you can harness it. I would expect 15-30% performance.
  4. Is there much multi-tasking in Multi-TRACK recording? There very well could be considering the complexity of music recording software. I guess the question is how many threads can be used making MULTITRACK Recordings. That will determine if an i7 is more useful over the i5.
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