Installed 16gb od mem with a slower output

Hello all, this is my first post. I had my pc built by dino pc, i found it pretty cheap, bought a p8z7 mobo with 4gb ramand a gtx 550ti, i uprgaded with the mobo for a sli setup which i thought may be more futureproof. The first thing i wanted to upgrade was the ram so i bought 16gb corsair 1600mhz from ebay. when i pu them in tonight playing far cry 3 found it to be slower than the previous 4gb of ram. I also noticed the bios recognising it as 1300 or so mhz. But i have been using theai tweaker for overcloking. Does anyone know where the problem is, seeming as the mobo supports 32gb of ram i thought it would run 16 gb easily. thanks for any help.
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  1. You have to set it to run at 1600mhz or OC if you don't have a profile available. The difference of the speed of the RAM should not be noticeable in a game.
  2. Do you mean that i wouldnt notice a differece in gaming from 4gb to 16gb? I thought that the more ram available would be better? cheers
  3. Only in that you need to have a certain amount for the game to operate properly, increasing the quantity of RAM is not going to improve gaming performance, GPU and CPU are more relevant.
  4. what i have done is used the autotune with the asus suite which brought the speed of the memory down. i just undid the tune and put it back to default settings and it went back up to 1600mhz in the bios, so why would the auto tune bring down the speed? and i just started thegame and it seems quicker. I bought the ram as the game needs a recommended 8gb of ram. i cant understand why a autotune overclock would make a game slower?
  5. I don't know why it would bring it down, just set your RAM to XMP instead of Auto if it is available and you will be good to go.
  6. i have checked i cant find XMP in my bios thanks .
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