Will my PSu power power hungry stuff???!

Hello, My name is preston and I love the forum i just need help again. You see I bought this Nvidia geforce 8800 gtx and and My power supply is a Corsair Cx430 Can it run that card along with 1 dvd, drive 1 hard, drive phenom II quad core processor Am3 2.66ghz. ASrock M3a770de motherboard and thats it I bought this psu onsale for 17.99.I just want to know if it can run all of this.
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  1. It probably can. There are some online tools that give you a rough estimate of how much power you're gonna need according to your components. Newegg has one of them you should try it
  2. Based on the items you mentioned, plus a few more that make up a typical system,
    I ran the PSU calculator at http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine and it suggested a PSU with 360W.
    You should be 'OK'.
  3. Which Phenom II x4 CPU do you have, to get one that runs @ 2.66ghz?
  4. You are just fine happy gaming
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