Severals problems need help


I got several problems with my computer since several days.
For the background i'm usually profficient with computers, built mine in Oct 2011, was working perfectly until now.

here are my specs:
corsair AX 850
asus p8z68 v pro
corsair h80
i5 2500k
corsair xms3 2000mhx 8gb
PoV TGT GTX 570 beast 2.5 SLI
agility3 60gb system
3x500gb storage

All started several days ago, my monitor was not turning on from computer sleep mode while everything else was working. Then last week, the monitor wasn't turning on at all several times even from off mode(unplugged), but not everytime. The computer was running perfectly with the GPUs detected(i got a g19 keyboard connected with MSI afterburner allowing me to see that) but no signal was received by the monitor(hdmi), so no image displayed. I connected the monitor via the onboard VGA plug and checked all the drivers, removed/updated, no change happened at all.

After uninstalling all the hardware, doing some checks, several times(as it was not changing anything) the monitor was finally turning on, but for the starting phase of the computer(Nvidia claim, Marvell HDD status, megatrends check)i had to be connected on the GPU1 hdmi to get a signal with the monitor, and as soon as windows was starting i needed to move from GPU1 to GPU2 with the hdmi cable. After rebooting 2 times with the hdmi plug on the GPU2 it then finally started working with the hdmi cable on GPU1 for the checks and windows...

So now my graphic/monitor problems seems fixed, but i see that i lost the sound!! Which was working perfectly before all of that, so i tried updated realtek HD audio, didn't fix anything, i tried pluggind ac97/changing it into BIOS, no change so I'm now stuck with no sound. Everything is ok in control panel. I have several sources to check sound:
logitech home cinema - plugged in the back - not working
Tritton AX pro - usb + optical - not working
headset - front panel - not working

Summary is, in the last 2 weeks i had :
- several GPU issues with monitor not turning on from sleep mode while GPU working but turning on sometimes with full capacity and no issue at all
- same but from computer off/unplugged
- GPU issues sorted without reason but lost sound

Sorry for this big text!!

Thanks a lot for your help

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  1. Look like the one of the GTX570 is going to...

    Do you try to use only one at time to check which one is no sound or not turning on?

    Add: Also the agility3, do you update the firmware too?
  2. Hi cin19,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I didn't update the Agility3, will do it.

    Regarding the monitor issue i reinstalled the drivers and switched to onboard vga several time since my post to try see if i was getting the sound back and didn't have any monitor issue anymore. I can't explain it but it seems solved, now my main issue is i have no sound. Despite the fact that every check(realtek, control panel, motherboard) tells me everything works right.
    the only thing that is not right is that reatek tells me there a jack plugged in the front panel but there isn't.
  3. Mobo was the source of issue, RMA.


    PS: I do not find any solved/close button...
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