Computer Freezing.

First off I'll explain the issue. It started with what I thought was my mouse not working, if it helps it's a Razer Naga. After trying other mouses and having the same issue I looked further into the trouble. I noticed that when I was unable to click anything none of the icons on my task bar would highlight. When it freezes when I'm doing something in the browser I can use anything on the current page of the browser. I cannot click anything outside of it, including tabs. I ran my computers Diagnostics test through the control panel but it said that there were no errors detected. I have recently re-installed windows 7 on my computer after having similar issues on the previous installation. Is there any other tests I can do without having to RMA it?

Computer (laptop):
Windows 7 64bit
500gb 7200 RPM
Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.2GHz
12gb DDR3 1333
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560M GDDR5
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  1. It looks like a driver issue. Try reinstalling Windows, but no other driver than the LAN one. Test and see if still the same. have you ran Windows update?
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