Low fps on battlefield 3

Hi so my rig is

gtx 460 768 mb

athlon x3 450

4 gb ram

and when i set the settings to high, i get around 30 fps when standing and 21 to 25 when moving so I changed the settings to all medium but i am getting the same FPS... there is only like 1 to 2 fps improvement. So i tried to set all the settings to low but my fps is still below 30 when I move around..

I updated to latest gpu driver and i even re installed the game but it didn't fix the problem.

Can someone tell me why this is happening to me D:?

I saw someone that has same spec as me on Youtube and he is getting stable 30 fps with all high settings....
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  1. Tom's has a review of BF3 with various hardware. The 460 they used was 1G, and it was inadequate at 2560X1600. It was barely adequate at 1920 and 1680. Your 768MB can be expected to limp some at high settings, I think.
  2. turn off AA and AF
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