GTX 560 Ti ($220) vs HD 6870 ($160) price difference worth it?

Hey all, I'm still in the midst of choosing the last parts for my gaming rig. I am down to the most important part, the GPU. I've heard that the 560 Ti has benefits over the 6870 (better FPS and Physx), but with the serious price difference (the 6870 is $140 after rebates plus free shipping, but the 560 is $220 plus shipping) i'm wondering if I should just go ahead and get the 6870.

That $80 price difference seems huge to me, but if the 560 is $80 better than the 6870, then I don't mind paying for it. My motherboard only has 1 PCI-e x 16, so I want to make sure the GPU I get is gonna hold it's own against modern games. Please give me your advice.


HD 6870:

560 Ti:
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    The 560ti is seriously better than the 6870. :O The 6870 is no slouch though. Although, comparing both of them it is seriously worth it to get a 560ti. Try to get one that has a free batman arkham city.
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