Motherboard suddenly stopped reconginzing both my drives

I was trying to flash my xbox which involved playing around with the sata connections. out of nowhere my computer froze and then restarted with the error message of inserting a bootable drive or something like that. when i checked my bios it did not realize neither of the 2 hard drives i had plugged in. i went to get a third hard drive from my second desktop and it wasn't recognized either. I have yet to check whether its the actual motherboards or the hard drives but i doubt all 3 hard drives failed.

things i already tried is unplugging the power chord for 10 min and then tried it again and then i tried unplugging everything from the motherboard(ram,psu,hard drives) and then waiting a couple of min and plugging everything back in. nothing worked. maybe its the psu? but everything works perfectly fine except there is no drive to boot from.

TLDR: motherboard not recognizing any drives i plug into it. wat do?
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  1. Try only connecting one ram stick at a time to see if either is bad.
    Do the same with the other devices, one at time.
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