Extreme temperatures on ASRock 970 Extreme3 northbridge and IO chips

Hello gentlemen, I've seen a lot of useful discussion in these forums during my various Google searches, so maybe you can help my assuage my concerns.

I've got a 970 Extreme3 that I recently upgraded with one of the new AMD 8-core Visheras and a Hyper 212 Evo to cool it, and I've noticed the North bridge and whatever's under the heatsink between the CPU and IO ports have been getting incredibly hot since I installed the new cooler. I was running with the stock Vishera cooler for a while, and everything was fine (except for the noise), and I suspect the exhaust from the cooler was keeping these heatsinks from getting as hot as they are. But the Evo just blows straight toward the back, not down near the heatsinks. I don't know exactly how hot they are, but they can deliver painful burns just from brushing against them lightly when the system's under load, so I'd guess 75+ Celsius.

Is it safe for these chips to run at these temperatures? I don't have a lot of room for more fans thanks to my ancient case; could I just plop a fan down on the back of my GPU and dedicate it to cooling those heatsinks?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Install Speedfan and it will give you the temps of your cpu, mobo, HDD, Gpu so you can tell how hot you are getting. My normall load temp on my MSI 970a-g46 is around 62C.
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