Budget 900$ gaming PC build - Is this configuration worth?

I'm about to buy new gaming PC in a week now. My budget is limited at 900$(less will be better). I've made a custom theoretical configuration, so considering my low knowledge on this subject, I would appreciate any advanced help. This is what I custom-made:

MB Gigabyte H67MA-USB3-B3 LGA1155 DDR3 1333MHz SATA3 USB3.0 DVI/HDMI - 117$

CPU Core i3-2100 3.1GHz LGA 1155 3MB BOX - 142$

Sapphire ATI PCX HD 6950 2GB GDDR5 HDMI/2xDVI/DP/2xFan/2xBios/Dirt3 - 330$

DIMM 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Apacer AP4096UTQB1K2 - 26$

HDD 3.5" 320GB Simmtronics SATA2 7200rpm - 63$

PSU 800W Hantol 20+4pin,600W Real Power, 5xSATA,2xIDE,2XPCI-E,12cm Fan, 80 Plus Silver, Full CE - 47$

ATX Midi Tower Case Hantol 9806 500W CE - 31$

Monitor LCD 22" 221V2AB Philips Full HD 1920x1080, 5ms, DVI w/Speakers
- 143$

It all sums up to 899$.

NOTE - don't need any software or additional accessories.

I would like to play newest games with decent graphics at high performance if possible.

So, I would like to know if this makes a good bargain, or if I can get more for less(would prefer if possible). Also, I would like to know if I should improve some parts by weakening others? And if you think that I am overacting with the configuration, don't save words :)

I'd appreciate any help. Thanx in advance
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  1. That GPU is overkill even at that resolution.
    Id suggest this MOBO ASRock http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157271 it is about the same price.

    Also you could lower your GPU to something like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127578 it is alot cheaper
    and would still probably be able to handle ultra setting. You can check on the benchmark charts.
  2. About the GPU, the shop I'll be getting my new PC sells these 2 GPUs with difference in price of 30$, so I believe the 6950 is better bargain. Anyway, about the Motherboard. I did read some guides on the net about getting a new MB, and researched abit. What keeps my hands tied is the limited options in choosing the MB, since I have to buy all the parts in one shop. And they don't offer many MBs. Around that price, they have these MBs :

    MB Gigabyte GA-D525TUD Dual Core Atom D525 1.8GHz DDR3 800Mhz USB2.0 SATA2 miniATX

    MB Gigabyte H67MA-USB3-B3 LGA1155 DDR3 1333MHz SATA3 USB3.0 DVI/HDMI

    MB Gigabyte P67-DS3-B3 LGA1155 DDR3 2133MHz SATA3 USB2.0 Ultra Durable3

    MB Gigabyte Z68P-D3 LGA1155 DDR3 2133MHz SATA3 USB3.0 mSATA

    MB Intel X58SO s1366 Core i7 DDR3 1333 CF Box

    MB Sapphire H67 s1155 mini ITX Pure Platinum DDR3 1600 USB3.0 SATA3

    That is all, more or less, around that price.

    And I was wandering if the PSU is good choice. I am in doubt about it's quality. Anyway, I think it should give enough power supply without any problems.

    And one more thing. Do you think I should go for the
    CPU Core i5-2300 Quad 2.8GHz LGA 1155 6MB BOX, instead of the i3 ? It's 60$ more expensive, is the performance worth the difference, especially for a gaming PC like in my case ?

    Thanks for your answer mate, I owe you beer :)
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