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XP on NT 4.0 Domain

Last response: in Windows XP
December 12, 2001 5:11:38 PM


I am having problems keeping a new WinXP workstation on my
domain. I have only one domain. I create the computer
name add the computer to a workgroup. I then join the
domain successfully. I can log in and out all day, but
the moment I shut down or restart the XP workstation, I
can no longer log into the domain.

On the server, server manager properties for the XP
workstation states:

The trust relationship bewteen the worksation and the
primary domain failed.

If I rename the workstation and reboot
I can log in. Reboot and I'm back in the same boat.
Sometimes I have to wait for the machine to be removed
from the server manager list. It can take 45 minutes

Any ideas?

BTW, I added a new 2000 workstation to my domain without
incident. I have reinstalled XP three times also.


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December 12, 2001 5:53:34 PM

Sounds like you have a name-vs-SID issue.

Try this:
1. Shut down the xp box
2. Go to server manager on your domain controller and delete the xp box from the domain.
3. Still in server manager, add the xp box back to the domain
4. Sync your domain if you have more than one domain controller
5. Power up and log back in with the xp box.

lemme know how it goes.
December 28, 2001 3:15:53 PM

Tried it and it still won't work...

96.3 % of Statistics are made up.