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Account Email Confirmation Issues

May 3, 2010 5:43:40 AM

Most of the time, if you are having issues confirming your email, you can simply resend the email confirmation.

Be sure to check your spam folder, as the confirmation email ends up in there on occasion. You can also resend the confirmation. Here's how:

  • 1. Go to and click log out in the upper right, if you are logged in currently.

  • 2. In the upper right click Sign In.

  • 3. A window will pop up. In that window, click the link that says "You did not receive the confirmation email?"

  • 4. Input your e-mail address, and the confirmation e-mail should be resent.

    If this still does not work, please try creating your account with an alternative e-mail. Please bear in mind that some email providers may flag account confirmation emails as spam, so be certain to check in your spam folder for the email.

    Hope this helps!