Alienware m17 r1 will not load software for touchpad in windows 7

It will not install touchpad software on Windows 7 and is creating havoc when I type text. Please advise.
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  1. Did you install the correct driver from the website?
  2. I was unable to get correct diriver from Aienware directly to my laptop. Did not come from another vendor. I am however the second owner. quad processor, 64 bit, 8 megs ram.
  3. my laptop is M17-R1
  4. I stated incorrectly, I was able to get the drriver from Alienware but it freezes when loading. No error messages.
  5. may sound funny, but do you have webroot installed. ive seen webroot wreck havock on touchpad drivers for some reason
  6. I do not know if it was installed or not, how do I tell?
  7. control panel --> uninstall program --> webroot
  8. Webroot is not listed as being loaded, other ideas from I might try. I cannot use this computer as it is. Please help.
  9. does the touchpad work in safemode? or never?
  10. It works in all modes.
  11. I cannot get drivers to load for it from Alienware.
  12. I may be conflicting with mouse software.
  13. My cursor bounces to other locations or position in the paragraph when I type.
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